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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 28, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> thousands of bikers are on the move. kron 4 is following critical mass. some of them are celebrating their power to erupt. it is
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a o'clock p.m. and the bicycle was are taking over the streets of san francisco. this is the seed as thousands of people headed out of their bicycles to head out the 20th year tradition. some angry drivers who were trying to get home, their horns. pierr teaching >> we're in the nova area. you do not see the thousands in front of you because they are spread all over the place. this might be an understatement because i talked to one of officers a little while ago and he stated that they are 4 mi.
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down the road. we have been traveling toward the back of the klan because we are the big truck here. lookit all of these people that are making their way. we do have a rioter who is in the mist of the gains. he stated that there were discrepancies in words that were spread between the bikers and different drivers. certain areas that you go when the drivers are nonstop on their horn. they are not happy. >> we headed across the market street area we saw a long line headed all the way back. it has been just a loophole all around the city. if the best advice is
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that if you do not have to drive do not. they are writing and it appears that they will be writing for a long time. we will keep this camera up so that you can see this throughout the show. >> again there are thousands of bicycle is moving through the streets of san francisco. wall pam this is a perfect example. you cannot predict where they will be. 50 minutes ago market street was packed and nobody was moving anywhere. we just have about 3 to 45 bicycle is here and traffic is moving fine. people were getting together and what you do not know is that a
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lot of these people have been doing this for years and years. but for some this is their first time. >> get out of your car. this was critical masses 20th year birthday. i love to ride bicycles is just good exercise. a bicycle is the best what is the san francisco. i started writing in the early '90s. i have been doing this for 17 years. all the men reserve started to come back. i have always wanted to do this so why not now. some were so excited that they had to share with their kids. my little one has never been on one and my friends have never been on one. we're just making a big the bin of
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it. me and my boy came out and we came to enjoy the night. we're back live on market street near civic center. you could see that traffic is now moving down market street. the bicyclist not hear all market street as a right now but that may be back later. >> we want to show you a video that was shot by kron 4, reporter da lin. he was riding along with a critical mass and there was an exchange of words between a bicyclist and a car driver. the people on the car stated that the bicycle is hit their car and that a lot of frustrated drivers had to say. this is a green light can i go please? i see that.
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everybody is involved in this. it was cute it while ago until about 30 minutes when we are still waiting here. it is a little irritating because is affecting the wrong people. >> traffic is snarled at street level. tempers have flared. critical masthe bow of p has passed the civic center area. north of the panhandle and lpga. this is the area
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here heading up hayes alley of to haight street into the north panel area this is where the bulk of the writers are. some of the group has squared off to north beach. that is that the other end of the city. because the group was so large this evening we are continuing to get reports that there are groups everywhere. if you are on city streets you will be in heavy traffic. central freeway is busy due to people try to escape the area. you would want to rethink your strategy of taking the central freeway.
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currently this is where the bulk of the writers are. this is an area for you to avoid. >> we see that the linebackers are born passion. well pam this is the entire group who write down market street we're jus. here are hundreds and thousands heading to the castro. the traffic at market has came to a complete stop. again it is a moving target you do not know where they are going and where they are born to be. market and seven is where you want to avoid. a again another 10 minutes that will be and some girls. >> we will continue to keep
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an eye on developments as the bikers will drop the city. >> friends, family and community have came together to remember a little girl was killed and a crash. she was hit and killed by a driver of an edge to be what she was riding her bike. this is where it happened on the bottle boulevard. police are still not issuing any information about the accident. the driver is cooperating. >> haley riley's parents are here with the community to pay for the 12 year-old. if they have balloons, candles and cards as people mourn her death. to just feel her presence is amazing.
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neighbors say that haley's family just moved to the neighborhood just a month ago and most of the people did not know are. this type community is here to support the family in their time of need. once something like this happens you just wonder how you can live. haley's siblings were understandably not in school today but one of her brother's sister stated that some of the students were given counseling. the brothers said they believe their sister is in heaven. >> today people are her they are driver of the car is not being criminally charged. it
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is part of our investigation to collect a blood sample and in this case, all of our steps were completed and there was no indication. the driver that issue b is a adult male was not from the area. he is staying in the area right now assisting police. the man behind the wheel at the time of the crash was alone in the car. >> this is a live picture not far from the civic center in san francisco where where a whole mass, critical mass of people are driving past. they're celebrating the 20 your movement. by syphilis are scattered throughout different neighborhoods in the san francisco area. >>
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chiche >> a violent crashed in oakland to day when a public works vehicle crashed with a car. two pedestrians were hurt this was at the
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intersection of 14th and a shop owner describes the same. >> i just said oh my god and there was a policeman out there and he started helping the mob. this person went through the glass. his legs route side of the window in his body was in the other side. we've got a t-shirt and put it on his head since it was bleeding. it was very intense. it's just so sad. i am glad that everyone is ok. >> in no one has been arrested or charged with the crash as oakland investigators are trying to figure all this happened. >> the former governor of california is back in the spotlight. arnold
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schwarzenagger river is announcing his book released called total recall. while promoting the book he is opening up about his affair that ended his marriage. i did noas an actor or a family man he is not stupid. he does know that any member or will have to include the ferry had with the housekeeper. it ended his marriage of 25 years with maria driver. so you lied to her? you could say that. she gave up her television career for you, was this the the traiwas this betrayal?.i
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inflicted a lot pain and it was terrible. this fall was taken just this week showing the housekeeper with her son. >> schwarzenagger asks how can roll had been so wrong? >> i asked him how did more real feel about him writing the book. he responded that marin is wishing him well with anything that he do. maxim had she raided and he said it is she has not. >> the she dug what you are
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discussing? perry diwe are in sg warmup this weekend temperatures cooled down dramatically. there were down by 20 degrees. it stayed cool along the coastline but as i mentioned things will he therefore the weekend especially sunday. >> the low cloud cover in the morning will keep things not as hot. it will be '70s and '80s for sunday and monday. near 94 bay shore and the coastline will be about the '70s. we do have
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an excessive heat watch for sunday and monday. this is for all the places that will be in the '90s. >> for our bay shore it will be kinda hot for this time of year but it will not be in triple digits. into tomorrow morning we will see temperatures. the fault will later and temperatures will be in the '60s. i do think we will see more 80 degree readings than what future cast is showing. >> 83 in san jose, 74 east base shore. if the fog
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clears really early and we are talking about 10:00 a.m.. the coastline was the clearing's for about upper 60s. they looked at your extended forecast was see a warming extent. it will be cooler into the mid next week. >> come in a letter in the broadcast the forty-niners are no longer fans. this is our e-mail night and we want to see whether not afforded- rules to the jets to see hardballs reaction. we will have those stories and later.
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to chec >> i have been as fast as 1989 and i am hoping that they will go back to the world series. we can do it one more time for the bay
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area the giants did not we need to do a. >> [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. the searches on the lookout for a mother who abandoned her child at a store after shoplifting. >> will run down a list of cities where there is a seller's market. >>
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>> now and a 30 p.m. the latest of our developing story. ride for critical mass. this is marking the occasion. j.r. stone is marking the location. where are you not j.r.? we are just the in a back up traffic jam at this intersection. we made our way to north beach and now chinatown. they have been all over the city and the interesting part is that you only see a slight few. we are sort of on the tail in.
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this line goes for at least. -- >> we will check on this in a bit. >> a one man who they believed can harm herself as well as her 11 year-old daughter. here is her pitcher. she is wanted for shoplifting and she abandoned her daughter. >> while some shoppers here at this safeway are not surprised by the shoplifting story because of the tough economy. others say that
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this is no excuse for you to include your child. to leave your child in a store just to get some food is just terrible. marcy had a plan where her and her daughter would feel a shopping cart and she would go to her car and leave the 10 year-old inside. as she pulled up she ordered heard the order to push the cart out. >> when asked what she was shoplifting she had about $150 worth of groceries. the security have been watching the mother and daughter and that confronted her in the parking lot the woman pulled off and left her door behind. >> officer picked up the phone and answer did and asked for the mother to come back to make this statement and to pick up her daughter and she declined. >> we have been looking for this woman ever since. the tenure of is now living with
8:32 pm
her grandmother who did not answer her door or her phone. she is suspected and other similar shoplifting cases at other grows restores. according to neighbors the woman was struggling to make ends meet. >> to use a child like that to steal some six or her to do that over something. this is just terrible.
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>> in the san mateo bridge will be closed for a couple weeks in october. the caltran is replacing about 60 ft. of the bridge can the new sides will showing due to safety standards. >> caltran officials stated that drivers will start to see message signs to route the bay area warning them. >> loss angeles is getting ready for a car must getting. this is done nation's biggest freeway. interstate 405 will close. it turns out that the things went well and california highway patrol is warning
8:34 pm
people to stay away. >> we will start to take ramps and lanes and by midnight the hofer will be shut down. we do have additional patrol units. we're just asking that the people stay off of the freeway because of maintenance and cleanup. if you are on the freeway we will be making arrests. >> a 10 mi. section of the 45 is scheduled to close down early morning on saturday and it will be going through through 5:00 a.m. on monday morning. >> west coast great white shark maybe come a endangered species. it fewer than 400 sharks. they will
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start researching this issue and it may take about a year. they hope that the new research will leavlee to. >> and we are seeing fog conditions and the fog never cleared up. visibility right now is not the greatest along the coastline. the fog is going to mold through the overnight hours. the temperature for the bay shores are quite cool. it is definitely more mile. will were much cooler today thanks to the fall. we still have the fog for tomorrow morning but it will be clear
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>> i had a house on the market. i had a hundred and 60 people come to see it that is a lot of people. it is a seller's market in oakland according to real- estate agent. what we are seeing is that the houses are generating multiple offers. lower interest rates and it is cheaper to buy than to rent. oakland
8:40 pm
has come a more popular place to want to a live. there are good restaurants here and more access to transportation. there has always been popularity here. >> in sports is e-mail friday. that means that gary and his lovely wife will open up the bay. state- owned.
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welcome ba
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>> welcome back all of the bikes have been here. you name the neighborhood we have been there. i do not think that we went deep into the mission but we are certainly in a part of the mission. let me show you for the camera. there are people basically everywhere. it was a pretty sight. there was nothing vandalize and that was the good news out of all this. there were a lot of drivers who were unhappy. there wera woman was sitting inr car and she was talking to police and she stated that they have hit her car. it is
8:44 pm
really at this 0.1 big celebration and there is still thousand thousands of people on the roadway. it is still back up for traffic and you can still hear some bullhorns blowing. it is likely back up in other areas as well. because there were very very long lines. it has been a bike ride for the past couple hours and it looks like they're just happy to be out here. >> j.r. stone reporting from san francisco market street where critical mass looks like it is a critical stock. we will have more on the story at 11:00. >> there will be a big
8:45 pm
warmup this weekend. temperatures were down by 20 degrees than yesterday. it was also about 23 coolers and san rosa. closer to the coastline temperatures stayed in the '50s. right now is pushing into oakland. as we head into tomorrow it will clear until after know. also oppose line will be warmer into sunday. we will have near '90s for bay shore and their 80s by the bay sure. monday maybe a high temperature day. it will be near 80. we do have an excessive heat watch for sunday and monday. our bay
8:46 pm
shores are not under the excessive heat watch. the temperature is expected to give very warm in these areas. it is not stay to be unbearable. >> as look at our afternoon highs tomorrow will be in the '80s. 85 in moscow. it is possible that temperatures will be a few degrees warmer if the fog clears released early. i do not see this happening. it may now be a to about 2:00 p.m.. we will see an additional warming and the north bay and 89 degrees in north bay. warmer sunday and monday will be scorching hot. we will continue our
8:47 pm
however on tuesday and by mid week it will start to cool down. remember you can get the latest forecast on kron 4 at comcast's 193. >> irepresenting china 193 i have an update for a critical mass. they are in their are around union square so we go over to eat and there's no trouble. it is now about 8:20 p.m. and i was even joking with someone. we did in the car and hear the bikers, for around two. you find out who is sympathetic to criticism. if you are angry you are
8:48 pm
angry. somewhat almost-hit by a bike and we still have cars honking. i m yelling kron and someone is stating their tried to cry. i am exaggerating this claim. you were almost hit by bicycles. the guy was not going to stop so i told him are you going to stop? >> do you think someone cares that i had to give back to the newscast. >> it i am sympathetic to anyone who is angry and you could actually see a tell them that we have to give back to kron. she stated: my going to tell. >> i it is getting out of the
8:49 pm
union street darius that is the problem. >> they are doing a loop around gary. >> i know a guy who worked two jobs and i know he is stating that they got that we may did. >> 17 years representing our family for a critical mass should be me. >> i have to drive kids to school on monday i can not be injured. >> we have to get back to kron. i am so glad you made it. somebody picked a no- hitter tonight. the two ball one strike hit and this is going to do homer bailey has
8:50 pm
pitched a no hitter a again. while we were in the middle of critical mass homer hit a another one they 18 to 1. >> and giants lead three to nothing in the sixth inning as the rest of their season. the 49ers' wrapped up four days of practice and you know the deal and how this is one to work. jim harbaugh did not want this to work. paul's team stayed in youngstown. they spent the week in ohio and now it is time for the jets on sunday. >> you are away from your family and the same thing with that is no
8:51 pm
distractions. >> do not forget the raiders chief judg-- >> it is skewed if you always make it. all you have to do is to miss one and you have all these guys on your rear end. >> they do not want me to have to do sports. the raiders of course are in denver on sunday. you could have reporters or against the have people from critical mass. >> in we were eyewitnesses. we have to give back to the news cast. like these guys really care. >> [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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>> i do not mean to brad perry did the it is maybe 193 for me to tell obama critical mass storage. >> elise c. f. is yelling stating that i should haunt get someone. let's do this thing fess the giants will be without melky. they have
8:55 pm
to get through the first round anyway and melky would not be eligible anyway. this guy was here three months and he wasn't barry bonds. melky god bless you you will be a millionaire next year but it will not be with the giants. >> you might be dreaming a bit marcie i still think in a playoff if he is playing good he may help you are but he may not be the best in his first year. if he keeps himself in shape the older you get that is important. >> i will like to see the forty-niners loose to the jets to see how he would handle a loss perry said >> now that is over the
8:56 pm
thing to replace or referees would have improved?. >> i doi was going to quit danvilgambling ls
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